Hey guys,

Absolutely love the LET KEANE IN track.
I recently discovered all the old Party Ben SIXX MIXX trax on his site & in the tail end of one of the mixes I learned
about the Let Keane in track from his
promotion of your site. I don't see any
current mixes on here though since about 2006. Have you stopped producing tracks
for the site?

Dr Johnny Love | Email | Website | 25 Nov 2007 08:58

hey guys!
let keane in... unbelieveable! Yesterday I've heard it for the first time and I have to say - you combined two of my favourite ones..>!@:)Now I'll search the original wings..;)
thanks once again

Paula | Email | Website | 15 Nov 2007 07:38

Apologies! I just discovered that the recent server issues broke the message submission thingy. It should work now!

FaultSide | Email | Website | 20 Jan 2006 20:09

your gwen/sugar boot is still pure gold. :)

keep the noiser boots coming !!! :)

Anonymous | Email | Website | 07 Sep 2005 21:48

Sweet! Thanks!!

FaultSide | Email | Website | 15 Jul 2005 19:43

Hey faultside!
`let keane inĀ“ is dope!

so long...

Anonymous | Email | Website | 14 Jul 2005 18:05

That's awesome! Thanks!!!

FaultSide | Email | Website | 28 Jun 2005 17:57

Hi Faultside

I've direct-linked your Keane vs Wings' "Let Keane In" song.

Hope that is Ok is with you.




dreamtime | Email | Website | 22 Jun 2005 20:48

It's weird, I usually have one track I'm working on at any given time, and seem to finish one track a month or so. But, now, I've got four or five on my computer, and I'm stuck trying to figure out which one to finish. Hopefully, one of them will be here in the next few days.

FaultSide | Email | Website | 18 Jun 2005 16:18