2 Jan 2007: FaultSide on Pitchfork

Okay, I'm about a year late for mentioning this, and considering how cool it was, it's especially brainless of me. Major, major thanks to William Bowers of the consistently fantastic Puritan Blister blog for his three-star review of "The Living Truth" on Pitchfork back last February. It was insanely cool, and I'm a total dork for not mentioning it before now.
14 Feb 2006: FaultSide on Myspace

Okay, so I finally cowered and added a Myspace page. If you dig any of this stuff, feel free to add me!
4 Feb 2006: The Living Truth

A recent post on Stereogum had a link to the video for Cat Power's new single "Living Proof". I watched it. I hadn't heard the song before. It reminded me of something, but I couldn't place it. A few minutes later, it struck me: Matthew Sweet's "The Ugly Truth". I threw this together in a couple of hours on the spot, mostly as a goof. Nothing particularly essential about this one, but I get a kick out of it. (I almost called it "The Ugly Proof", but that seemed a little evil.)
31 Jan 2006: Yoshimi Battles Novocaine

Combo of Green Day's "Get Me Novocaine", Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt 1", and Eels "Novocaine for the Soul".
17 Oct 2005: Hold On to Your Halo

Finally got something finished. Kind of an odd pairing between Depeche Mode's "Halo" and En Vogue's "Hold On", with a splash of INXS' "Devil Inside".
1 Sep 2005: CDX: Personal Stereo

Assuming everything goes according to plan, starting tonight at midnight GMT, you'll be able to check out some songs I like in a 45-minute set via Culture Deluxe. The idea behind Personal Stereo is for folks to pick songs they like from consecutive years. Mine runs from 1986 to 1997, and runs the gamut from 80s radio pop to 90s emo. The MP3 should be available until 11:59pm GMT Friday, after which you'll be able to stream it.
17 Jul 2005: BJ's Head

Slight change of pace. A couple of months ago, some friends (Guillermo Sexo) called me and suggested this pairing, Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" against Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole". I scoffed at first, but paired the starts, and was surprised how well the intros matched. I opted to do a back and forth between Michael and Trent. I meant to have this finished in time for the Jackson verdict, but failed miserably. It's not quite 100% perfect, but, for what it is, it's okay.
14 Jul 2005: Sixx Mixx!

I was absolutely stunned to hear that Mixx-master Party Ben included "Let Keane In" on this past week's Sixx Mixx 93!! Major thanks to Sir Ben!!!!
26 Apr 2005: Weapon in the Shadows of Love

I finally got a new computer (no more 233mHz for me), and started tinkering with this. It's a combo of Matthew Good's "Weapon" and the Four Tops' "Standing in the Shadows of Love". Starts out mellow, but kicks in. Fairly simple in design, but I like how it turned out.
23 Apr 2005: Daily Source Code / Stereogum

Big thanks to Adam Curry for spinning "Let Keane In" on a recent episode of his podcast, Daily Source Code! Also, major major thanks to Stereogum for mentioning "Let Keane In"!!
26 Mar 2005: Radio Clash!

Major, major thanks once again to Tim (TBC) for playing "Beneath a Tidal Wave" on a recent episode of his Radio Clash podcast!!
9 Mar 2005: Let Keane In

I saw Keane play recently at a radio festival, and noted a similarity between "Somewhere Only We Know" and an old Paul McCartney & Wings tune. I started tinkering with it as a joke, and it slowly became something I really really liked. Especially when I realized that DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Summertime" fit in. I still can't believe how well the Wings harmonies fit.
4 Mar 2005: Threadneedle Spins!

My Parkspliced track "Miracle on Threadneedle Street" was recently spun on Tim (TBC)'s brilliant Radio Clash podcast, and was included by RadioQuita (SHAKE IT!!) in February's featured tracks on Strangely Familiar Music Club. My belated thanks to both!!
19 Jan 2005: Gwen's Alarm Clock

I did this back in November, then pulled it, as it seemed to compete negatively with the Gwen vs Sugar mash. I teased it on CDX earlier this month, and it got a surprisingly favorable response. So here it is again.
12 Dec 2004: Parkspliced Offline

Well, Parkspliced is now completely offline. However, I've still got my track on this site. Download: Miracle on Threadneedle Street
26 Nov 2004: (Tell Me) What You Waiting For

This combines Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" and Sugar's "And You Tell Me", turning the former into a noisy rock song. It does clash at times, which bothers some people. But I can't help it - I dig it. (I added an [Alternate Edit] that uses a slightly modified bassline to cover one of the verse clashes.)
16 Nov 2004: Beneath a Tidal Wave

When I first heard Lenlow's "Sweet Child O Ravi", I was stunned by how amazing the song was. In my head, though, I started hearing vocal lines and some kind of verse-chorus-verse structure. Took me six months to craft lyrics and put it all together, but here's the finished product.
11 Oct 2004: The [Dark] Gloaming

Keeno@Confusioning on the GYBO forum decided to organize a mash-up project based on Radiohead's Hail to the Thief. At one point, the person assigned "The Gloaming" bailed, leaving the track available. I started working on this, a mash consisting of tracks by Tool, Korn, Tesla, Nine Inch Nails, and Pearl Jam. Before I could finish it, another 'legger offered a completed track, so I bailed out on this one. But this is as far as I'd gotten with it before stopping. (19 October: You know, I like this enough as it is that I'm declaring it "finished".)
03 Sep 2004: The Morning Glory I Love

Oasis' "Morning Glory" meets R.E.M.'s "The One I Love". I finished this back in April, and wasn't happy with it. I even declared it my "worst ever" on GYBO last week. But the good folks on GYBO convinced me otherwise, and encouraged me to take another shot at cleaning it up. On this, I love how Stipe and Liam's vocals blend in the chorus. (And, strangely, in the original tracks, Stipe's vocals were mixed to the left, Liam's to the right. Just oddly meant to be.)
12 Jul 2004: Parkspliced

In the spirit of London Booted, the good folks at GYBO have turned Blur's Parklife on its head. I contributed a song for Disc Two called "Miracle on Threadneedle Street". Click the link above, and be sure to make a charitable donation before downloading.
28 Jun 2004: Sham Over Rock

A couple of people commented that they thought "Shamrock Scent Snibe" could use vocal bits of some kind to fill it out. I decided try my original concept, and turn it into a cover of Blur's "Clover Over Dover". I have a track on Parkspliced (should be released soon), and I'm starting to wonder if this one might be better. (That may just be my "rock" sensibilities talking, though.)
21 Jun 2004: Shamrock Scent Snibe

When it looked like there might be a track left unfilled for the upcoming Parklife mashup project, I got inspired and started working on this. When the then-unfilled track got taken, I kept listening to this and realized that it worked pretty well on its own. So here's my first Lenlow-inspired instrumental.
25 May 2004: One Minute Street Spirit

There's an ongoing mashup "game" of sorts taking place called Boot in 60 Seconds, where folks take some part of the previous mixer's clip and incorporate it into their own mix/mash. I just finished my track, which is now online. The main part of mine consists of CIV's "I Can't Wait One Minute More" and Radiohead's "Street Spirit", with a little preface by Walt Disney.
27 Apr 2004: Hysteria in Vain 2

In a review of London Booted, someone described "Hysteria in Vain" as "Mick Jones sings Def Leppard". They must have been thinking of the other Hysteria. So, as a gag, I threw together a short piece of a second "Hysteria in Vain".
17 Apr 2004: London Booted

If you have any sense about you, you will head immediately to the above link and enjoy the sounds of The Clash as put through the filter of the good folks at Get Your Bootleg On. And be sure to donate to one of the charitable organizations before downloading.
10 Apr 2004: Hysteria in Vain

As the deadline neared for submitting material to the GYBO London Booted project, I realized that the vocals for "Train in Vain" happened to work with Muse's "Hysteria". Three hours later, it was finished. Quick, dirty, stupid.